I Want You magazine relies on the generous support from our sponsors. If you are interested in partnering with us or becoming a sponsor we would love to hear from you.

ISSUE 5 of I Want You Magazine was made possible by the generous donations from our Kickstarter campaign donors:

Adrian Garcia
Adrian Pruss
Aidan Waine
Austin Sapp
Brian O’Shea
Brian Standeford
Chantal Young
Christina Christoforou
Ciaran Puente
Cory Schmitz
Damon Mori
Dan Germain
David J. Walker
Donte Parks
Edward Gottschalk
Emily Furste
Emily Pothast
Erica Toelle
Erica Weiss
Erik Blood
Garrett Kelly
Greg Cook
Izzie Klingels
Jen McCabe
Jennifer and Nolan Reyes
Jordan Luckman
JT O’Neill
Kaishi Yamaguchi
Karen Morfill
Kurt B. Reighley
Lauren Colton
Lee Dale
Lindsey Baker
Lizzie Finn
Mare Odomo
Mark Mitchell
Martina Pozzi
Mat Flint
Matthew Parker
Maureen Klingels Pruss
Meagan Cignoli
Michael Ducker
Michael McGregor
Nina Chakrabarti
Paul Blake
Ravi Juneja
Robby Zar
Robynne Raye
Roger Kenny
Sharon Oshima
Sophie Petersen
Stephen Steciw
Strath Shepard
Suzy Wood
Tabor Robak
Tyler Hall
Will Sanger
Wynn Rankin
Yaniv Masjedi
Yegor Mackey

…and sponsorship from Pernod Absinthe. I Want You Magazine invited two previously featured artists to create their artistic interpretation of the historic Pernod Absinthe brand:

Rossina Bossio

Rossina Bossio was born in Bogotá, Colombia and now lives in Rennes, France.


Rossina Bossio for I Want You Issue 4

Tabor Robak

Tabor is based in Portland, Oregon, USA.


Tabor Robak for I Want You Issue 3