Tabor Robak

Tabor is based in Portland, Oregon, USA.

The website Super Multiverse Online was produced exclusively for I Want You.

“The Multiverse is a theory that suggests that our universe is just one of an infinite number parallel universes that together comprise everything that could ever exist.  Due to the theories lack of empirical testability it is hard to define any potential applications it may have in daily physical life.  The implications of the Multiverse are more spiritual that physical in the way that it would abstract the way we imagine the nature of reality.  One tenant of the theory, fictional realism, holds that with infinite parallel universes any fiction that we could imagine would be accounted for.  In spite of this, whatever mystical potential is present in the theory is so buried in the pop culture detritus of science fiction, fantasy, and video games that it is easily written off as belonging to subculture of geeks. samples the banal imagery of techno-culture to tap into the techno-sublime.  The site aims to create an emotive experience over a didactic one, to evoke a feeling of fun, possibility, and adventure.”

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