Jesse Higman

Jesse is a fine artist based in Seattle, Washington.

“I pour paintings on large, flat, black canvases. I call this technique “illuvium” for the geologic term of particles settling on flood planes. I dilute the acrylic paints to a consistency of milk. The paint contains tiny mica flakes which sparkle as they tumble in currents.

For each painting I design a specific jig or wave-table to deform the Masonite canvasses. The Masonite becomes pliable like fabric when draped over a form. The structure acts to guide water across its horizontal surfaces. I can effect time with hills to slow progress, or weight holes to accelerate flows.

These paintings are one-shot gestures. The compositions form at once. Pouring over the same place twice creates craters and destroys the quietly settling particles. Investing too much energy into the system creates aberrations like cancers. My work is a relationship with life, nature, the physics of the universe, finding what it needs and then advancing, pushing and responding, asking the same from it.”

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