Elektra KB

Elektra KB is an artist born in Odessa, Ukraine and raised in Bogotá, Colombia. She currently works in New York.

“The Theocratic Republic of Gaia is a fictitious world that I have created where my characters exist. The Theocratic Republic is a globalized civilization where the population gets brainwashed and forgets what reality is. Contemporary society is trapped in a world of lies staged by the powerful governments and corporations; they are the new theocratic governments, becoming more important than god. The media and consumerism are the new subjects of doctrine and adoration. These happenings are producing a brainwashed society, which the powerful are aiming to manipulate. In the Theocratic Republic of Gaia, the possibility of a worldwide staging of an artificial “return of Christ” is awaited, and efforts to establish a theocratic, fascist world government are taking place. It also predicts an imminent period of intense geological and social upheaval during which tensions built up over centuries will be discharged.

The costumes and formal aspects are inspired by Christian iconography. They sometimes have a white face with an inverted black cross that alludes to duality. The horizontal line at the bottom of the cross symbolizes horizontal existence, existence in the Theocratic Republic of Gaia an order under space-time where inhabitant live under a powerful spell, where one can move from side to side, but never really going anywhere. The vertical line symbolizes vertical existence, or existence outside the Theocratic Republic, existence outside space-time, where one always goes up because there is total liberty, this symbolizes, breaking the mind under the spell.”


Video by Elektra KB. Music by Nicolas Ulloa and Elektra KB


This series was created exclusively for I Want You.

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