Pablo Iglesias

Master Glitch (A.K.A. Geso) is a side project from Pablo Iglesias, a digital/video artists, graphic designer, independent publisher and art director from Spain, actually living in Berlin (Germany). Under the Master Glitch alias he explores the possibilities of glitch art. He has always been interested in the connection between digital-errors and its aesthetic form since his first steps in art fields and he decided to start this project right after one of his digital cameras started to fail. Most of the work created by Master Glitch is 100% glitch photography without any filter or effect from computer programs. Just pure glitch.

About this series: L1GTH_F0RM5_1+2
This series is an experiment about light and color through glitches. Using a broken digital camera [Sony DSC-T3] I captured basic geometric forms. The glitches produced with the digital camera differ depending on different light conditions. Therefor the light represented in these transparent solid objects should affect the image coding in different ways. Each geometric form is translated into a new glowing glitch-form.

Both, the geometric and the glitch form are digital entities, the first one can be understood as the object and the second one as the soul. Both share the same original code but the second evolved into a new digital form. The geometric one attends to the specific rules settle by the user in the real world, the glitch one is a free-will parallel version, like a new species in a digital environment.

This series was created exclusively for I Want You.

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