Dro Carey

Dro Carey is a producer/artist based in Sydney, Australia.


Download and listen to Dro Carey’s Heart Hurters Mix:

The limited print edition I Want You Issue 6 includes a compact disc with Dro Carey’s “Heart Hurters” Mix.

The “Heart Hurters” mix contains the following tracks:
Robbie Danzie – Only You
Kassem Mosse – Enoha
Winfried Mühlum-Pyrapheros – Musica Nova Contemplativa Part III
Ike Yard – Loss
Iasos – Lagoon Waves
Nem270 – Samples
Etbonz – Dream Recall
Donalds House – Eine Munsta
Dro Carey – Heart Bussa
Dro Carey – Welcome to Threatworld
Rich Boy – She Luvs Me (Instrumental) [Prod. Polow da Don]
Badawi – El Topo
Phonopani – Nold
Stellar Om Source – Gamers
Brandi Wells – Standing on the Outside
Gamelan Pacifica – In a Landscape
Fennesz – June
Samaritan – Don’t Try Love
Dro Carey – You Remix Instrumental
Douglas Fulton – The Immortal Level 7
Shabazz Palaces – “Barksdale Corners” on palaceer pusher beat circa now

Dro Carey’s track “Heart Bussa” (created exclusively for I Want You Issue 5) is available on 7″ vinyl (split with Etbonz) included with orders of I Want You Issue 5 and available for free download.

Heart Bussa video filmed, edited and directed by Christian J Petersen.

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