I Want You is an art magazine created, edited, curated and designed by Christian J Petersen of I WANT YOU Art and Design when he was the Creative Director of Dumb Eyes design studio in Seattle, Washington, USA. I Want You magazine is a 501 (c) organization under the umbrella of the Allied Arts Foundation.

Published quarterly in a beautiful, full-color, large format (9.75″ X 13.5″) limited print edition, and expanded online edition, the magazine’s focus is to highlight artists’ work rather than dilute its impact by enforcing editorial perspective. Each page of the print edition consists of a single large format image from a series of each artist’s work and a url that leads you to their feature on iwantyoumagazine.com. iwantyoumagazine.com provides the complete series and information relevant to the artist.

I Want You magazine features a broad range of artists from around the world, exclusive art work, and spotlights on forgotten or overlooked artists.

I Want You magazine is a free publication sustained through the generosity of our featured artists, contributors, sponsors and supporters.

Each print edition is limited to 1,000 copies

All images, graphics, text, design elements and all other content represented on this website are copyrighted.


I Want You magazine relies on the generous support of our sponsors. If you are interested in partnering with us or becoming a sponsor we would love to hear from you.


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Gif Lords (Gif art created and curated by I Want You)

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